Blackfoot style knife sheath - "beaver tail"

Now I'm presenting beaded Blackfoot style knife scabbard - beaver tail, used for dagger knife traded often by Hudson Bay Company.
European knives were among the earliest and most desirable items of trade, and Indians were quick to fashion sheaths in which to carry them. Men found knives essebtial not only in skinning and butchering but also as weapons in warfare. Women used smaller knives in food preparation, in the tailoring of clothing, and in the making of domestic wares (After the Buffalo were Gone, Walton, Ewers, Hassrick).

Material: Oak tanned hide (smoked), old glass beads (most of them are french), brass beads and rawhide inside.
Dimensions: long: 16 inch, 40,5 cm

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Blackfoot style knife sheath - "beaver tail"

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