About us

Milko Jovic

From up to twenty years we practice and discovering Native American Art. We visited US and spoke with Native Artists many times. Especially we love a North.

Several years ago, we visit first time First People and since then we go back to the Reserves regularly, to learn and get to know what is important to us.

We spent a lot of time to study ethnic art, especially North American Indians and to learn how it make and how prepare itself. However we have a white skin, but we have the same red blood, two hands, legs and head.

Wally Rybicki

In our work we use old techniques and if it possible old materials too. One of the most important for us is the quality of the rules made objects. But not the only one.

The most important rule in our work is respect for the Culture whose artifacts we perform and knowledge about objects and their realization.

Many techniques have already been forgotten and left the previous generation. We try to keep the knowledge of those that still remain.