Lakota style pipe bag

Since prehistoric times the Indians of the Northern Plains have smoked tobacco in stone pipe bowls attached to long wooden stems. In historic times, pipes were smoked for pleasure as well as in ceremonies and by women as well as by men.
Pipe-making was a specialized craft, and most pipe-makers fashioned them both for their own use and for sale or barter with other Indians (A.T. Walton, J.C. Ewers, R.B. Hassrick, AFTER THE BUFFALO WERE GONE - The Louis Warren Hill, Sr., Collection of Indian Art).

For beadwork we used old colours of beads, oak tanned hide, red wool and calico.

Culture: SIOUX
Material: Oak tanned hide, old colours glass beads, brass beads and calico
Dimensions: long: 34 inch, 87 cm

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Lakota style pipe bag

Cree or Blackfoot style pipe bag

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